Bruce Fein
The Daily Caller
January 9, 2012

Newt Gingrich is to the Constitution what the Renaissance popes were to the Bible.

Take, for instance, Gingrich’s zany enthusiasm for summoning federal judges before Congress to defend allegedly wayward constitutional interpretations.

Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 81 elaborated on the lunatic belief that legislators would be fit to review or evaluate judicial decisions:

There is an absurdity in referring determination of causes, in the first instance, to judges of permanent standing; in the last, to those of a temporary and mutable constitution. And there is still greater absurdity in subjecting the decisions of men, selected for their knowledge of the laws, acquired by long and laborious study, to the revision and control of men who, for want of the same advantage, cannot but be deficient in that knowledge. The members of the legislature will rarely be chosen with a view to those qualifications which fit men for the stations of judges; and as, on this account, there will be great reason to apprehend all the ill-consequences of defective information, so on account of the natural propensity of such bodies to party divisions, there will be no less reason to fear that the pestilential breath of faction will poison the fountains of justice.

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