The Dallas Cowboys’ loss in Sunday’s NFL playoff game is raising accusations that the game was rigged to ensure millions in gambling profits, which can easily dwarf television revenue and ticket sales.

In the fourth quarter of the Cowboys-Packers game, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant made a huge catch on a fourth-and-2, moving the Cowboys near the goal line, but the referees overturned the play after initially calling it a catch.

Why did the refs overturn the play? Was it to ensure a different outcome of the game? An organization can make untold millions in gambling profits by simply paying off the refs to fix the game with bad calls.

It is also interesting to note it’s not illegal for a league to fix its own games.

Some fans suggested the game isn’t rigged because the Cowboys benefited from a bad call when they played the Detroit Lions on Jan. 4, but they don’t realize gambling profits are made not through rabid team loyalty but rather the outcome of a particular game, so it doesn’t really matter if the Cowboys win one week and lose the next as far as bets are concerned.

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