September 17, 2011

Alex Jones explains why the adoption of TSA-style pat-downs at sporting events has prompted his call to boycott of the NFL and its sponsors. The U.S. is being transformed into a police state right under our noses, and soon Homeland Security-led checkpoints will be a part of our lives everywhere.

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Kurt Nimmo
September 17, 2011

Alex Jones has called for a boycott of the NFL following an announcement that the Gestapo zone concept will expand from airports to sports stadiums.

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Jones argues the new intrusive pat-down procedure is part of an effort to acclimate the populace to the police state.

USA Today reports that the NFL has announced it will begin intrusive pat-downs of fans this football season. The organization wants all 32 clubs to search 16.6 million fans from the ankles up.

“The enhanced security procedures recommended by our office before the start of the season will further increase the safety of fans but will require some additional time,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the newspaper.

The new grope-down procedure is part of the NFL’s “Best Practices” policy and will begin this weekend at a Buffalo Bills game at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in New York. The Indianapolis Colts also said they will begin intrusive pat-downs of fans during a game between the Colts and the Browns on Sunday.

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