A New Hampshire woman who voted in the state’s primary Tuesday told MSNBC that the network’s campaign to tear down socialist candidate Bernie Sanders actually compelled her to vote for him out of spite.

When asked by an MSNBC reporter why she voted for Sanders in the New Hampshire primary, the woman said, “The reason I went for Bernie is because of MSNBC.”

“Go on,” the reporter said facetiously.

“I think it is completely cynical to say that he’s lost 50% of his vote from the last time when there were two candidates,” the woman explained.

“Now there are multiple, wonderful candidates who would be great presidents, and people I think we can unify with and get behind, but the ‘stop Bernie’ cynicism that I heard from a number of people – I watch MSNBC constantly, so I heard that from a number of commentators – and so, to me it made me angry and so I said ‘okay, Bernie’s got my vote.'”

MSNBC and CNN have been running cover for establishment candidates like Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg while distancing the Democrat Party from socialism over fears that far-left policies won’t play well in the general election.

Calling yourself “communist” is still a little too far even for Bernie but here’s proof he has always embraced it. Chris Matthews couldn’t get Hillary & DNC chair to distance themselves from socialism 4 yrs ago and he’s even more frustrated today at the open embrace of socialism by the party.

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