According to Nick Boles MP, despite Boris Johnson’s ascendancy to become the Prime Minister of the UK, the real de facto leader of the country is Nigel Farage.

Johnson today handed key cabinet roles to leading Brexiteers after becoming the UK’s new prime minister.

According to Nick Boles MP, “The hard right has taken over the Conservative Party. Thatcherites, libertarians and No Deal Brexiters control it top to bottom.”

While Boles appears to be decrying this development, it’s a vast improvement on the anemic premiership of Theresa May, a Remainer globalist who genuflected in front of the EU at every chance and almost sabotaged Brexit entirely.

“The takeover that started in local constituency parties is now complete. The Brexit Party has won the war without electing a single MP. Boris Johnson isn’t our new Prime Minister; Nigel Farage is,” added Boles.

Boles also pointed out that every person appointed to Johnson’s cabinet has vowed to back a no deal Brexit on October 31st if necessary.

Johnson and the Conservative Party’s political future is entirely dependent on them delivering Brexit on October 31st.

Fail to do so and Farage’s Brexit Party will completely sabotage the Conservatives’ chances in the next election.

It’s Brexit or bust for Boris, which is a good thing for democracy and an illustration of how much power Farage now wields in the UK.


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