Reviled in Brussels and much of London, Nigel Farage will be entering far friendlier territory when he touches down in Cleveland on Tuesday to make the rounds at the Donald Trump show — otherwise known as the Republican Convention.

After all, Trump, who will be formally named the party’s nominee this week, is tapping some of the same populist, anti-immigration political strains that have fueled Farage’s U.K. Independence Party and propelled the Brexit campaign to a surprise victory June 23 despite stiff opposition in elite circles. Moreover, British voters’ decision to leave the European Union has struck a chord with some American conservatives, who have long been skeptical of the European Union themselves.

So while Farage’s primary goal may be accomplished back home, at least for now — he resigned his job as UKIP leader soon after the Brexit vote, while keeping his seat in the European Parliament — he won’t miss the opportunity to present himself as something of a sage across the Atlantic. Republicans are “very, very keen” to hear his lessons, he says.

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