The masses are no longer interested in voting for “insincere,” “robotic,” “establishment” candidates, so concluded Brexit champion Nigel Farage after Theresa May’s disastrous performance in Thursday’s election.

“Ultimately, I think the shock we’re seeing here tonight is all about personality,” Farage told BBC on Thursday night. “And you know, UKIP voters want somebody they think is speaking for them.”

“They want somebody who is for change,” he said. “And what Theresa May tried to do was to be the establishment figure.”

Farage continued: “Corbyn, I thought through the campaign looked comfortable in his own skin. He actually appeared to be enjoying it, and the Prime Minister came across as insincere, and frankly, robotic.”

Running boring shills no longer excites anyone. After America got Donald Trump, the idea every election needs to be two boring robots with no significant differences just going through the motions went out the window entirely. Nigel Farage needs to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.

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