Kurt Nimmo
December 15, 2011

On the Thursday, December 15 edition edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex interviews Gunter Spens, a former officer of the East German army and member of Texas Oathkeepers, who has made harrowing comparisons between the totalitarian surveillance state of East Germany and the high-tech totalitarian state now emerging in America.

Co-host Aaron Dykes covers the news, including:

The passage of the authoritarian military dictatorship bill, the NDAA, by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. He talks about Obama’s theatrical about-face after he promised to veto the legislation and implications the bill presents for an all-out war against enemies of the state by the Pentagon on the internet.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s lies about Sheriff Richard Mack and his decision to sue the propaganda outfit for libel and defamation of character. The SPLC falsely claimed Mack has called for the murder of police officers and IRS agents.

Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, the boss of Homeland Security, has ordered ICE to prepare for a mass influx of illegal aliens and their possible detention as the NDAA bill heads to the Senate and Obama’s desk.

Finally, Aaron covers the insidious plan by USDA and the biotech industry to completely deregulate dangerous and life-threatening GMOs.

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