A police officer infatuated with a young woman he met during a landlord-tenant dispute tried to have her committed after she rejected his attentions, a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County claims.

In her complaint, Kirenia Cardidad Figuera says she met Officer Joshua Zacharias when he responded to a domestic dispute call at her mother’s apartment. Figuera says at the time, both she and her sister lived with her mother, but neither contributed money toward the living expenses in the home.

During the investigation that followed, Zacharias allegedly told Figuera that because she’d lived in her mother’s home for more than 24 hours, the conflict amounted to a landlord-tenants dispute, and that she’d have to find somewhere else to live.

Figuera says she and her sister gladly accepted Zacharias offer to help them move to a new apartment the next day, but from virtually that time on, her interaction with the officer took a disturbing turn.

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