August 22, 2008

NIST’s wizards of balderdash have now officially concluded that fire caused the swift, symmetrical collapse of WTC Building 7– offering essentially no explanation at all, other than ruling out alternative explanations (which were not scientifically tested in their research) as not credible.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reports that the WTC7 building collapse is “mystery solved”– showing footage of head NIST ‘investigator’ Dr. Shyam Sunder making claim that the 47-story steel skycraper is the first in history of its kind to collapse ‘mainly due to fire’ despite the fact that NIST’s own report– previously leaked— shows that the visible fires had all died out hours before the collapse, making it impossible for fire to be the cause.

Of course, no other explanation for the collapse was actually investigated– no tests were done in regards to the use of explosives, for instances. However, Dr. Sunder did declare that “alternate theories are really– none of them have been found to be credible” (true enough, as no such theories were ever tested). Therefore, case closed; fire to blame. A group of tightly-controlled government scientists said so.

The CNN piece briefly features Shane Geiger, an Infowars freelance reporter, who challenged NIST’s “bare assertions”– before, Geiger reported to the Alex Jones Show, NIST turned the lights out on his question.

Notice CNN quickly cuts from the ‘conspiracy theorist’ after only a few words because the lights were shut off shortly afterwards (not shown in the video)– incredibly, in the middle of Geiger’s polite but dissenting statement. Apparently, no defense for NIST’s unsupported statements was available, so instead cheap distraction was used to immediately end the discussion.

A NIST video (posted below) gives a summary explanation of the group’s findings in which the group basically just states that fire was the cause, states that explosions were not used because they would have been too loud, then goes into a diabtribe about skyscraper fire safety– which is just absurd and really not related to the subterfuge that actually took place on 9/11– killing nearly 3,000 innocent people.

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