Al Jazeera
March 23, 2014

N. Korean soldiers peer southward / Credit: Wikimedia Commons
N. Korean soldiers peer southward / Credit: Wikimedia Commons
North Korea has test-fired 30 short-range missiles into the sea, the latest in a series of launches that have provoked criticism from Seoul and Washington.

The missiles were fired on Saturday off North Korea’s east coast into the ocean, according to the South Korean news agency, Yonhap.

Yonhap said the Cold War-era missiles flew about 60km before crashing into the sea. Analysts said they had been launched from the same location as 25 rockets fired on Sunday, near the eastern port of Wonsan.

The tests are apparently intended to express anger at the South’s continuing joint military exercises with its ally, the US.

The South has branded previous tests as “reckless provocation” while the US has urged the North to halt the tests immediately, saying they risked inflaming regional tensions.

Despite tensions over the North’s missile tests, cross-border ties have improved as of late, with the two Koreas recently holding the first reunion for more than three years of familes divided by the Korean war.

The North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has given warning of retaliation against an aggression from the South and her allies.

The Yonhap report was cited by the Reuters, AP and AFP news agencies.

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