White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has denied he apologized to Britain for repeating a claim its spies handed President Obama transcripts of President Trump’s bugged calls.

‘I don’t think we regret anything,’ Spicer told reporters who asked him directly if the White House had apologized to Britain’s government, CNN reported.

He replied: ‘No, we were just passing on news reports.’

The charge was initially levied on Fox News, and Spicer repeated it in a televised briefing on Thursday.

It prompted a rare and furious response from GCHQ, Britain’s high-tech global listening post that monitors communications around the world.

Intelligence sources said both Spicer and General H.R. McMaster, the US National Security Adviser, had apologized over the claims – meaning Spicer is now at odds not once, but twice with the British spies.

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