‘No Borders’ activists reacted to the horrific attacks in Brussels this week by welcoming them as a “good” opportunity for migrants to exploit the chaos.

Just hours after the airport and metro bombings, Chiara Lauvergnac, who describes herself as a “freelance troublemaker,” wrote, “Eurostar to Brussels suspended, Lille airport is taking some of the planes due to land in Brussel[s] airport. It could mean some chaos and good chance some people will go to UK! Sorry there is a good side to everything,” before posting the comment to the Calais Migrant Solidarity Facebook page.

When another Facebook user challenged the statement, asking, “Sorry a good side to people being killed this morning?”, a ‘no borders’ activist responded: “Whether it’s a “good side” to people being killed is really irrelevant to me,” before urging migrants to exploit the build-up of traffic at Calais-Eurostar, remarking “Tell your friends in the Jungle!”

The comments are completely reprehensible and underscore how ‘no borders’ activists will stoop to any depth to push their radical political agenda.

“Their prediction has proved correct as, hours after the Home Office announced extra security measures at Channel cross-border crossings, a lorry-load of illegal immigrants was discovered in Kent,” writes Donna Rachel Edmunds.

Don’t expect Lauvergnac or any of her allies to face police action for encouraging criminal behavior or glorifying terrorism. Police in the UK are too busy arresting people who make tweets critical of immigration policy.

Yes that’s right, while potentially hundreds of ISIS jihadists roam Europe looking for their next target, British police are wasting their time arresting a man in Croydon on “suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media”.

Apparently, Islam is now a race and vehement criticism of it is now a thought crime.

To be clear, Matthew Doyle tweeted that he had approached a Muslim woman on the street and asked her to “explain Brussels,” but he was not arrested for street harassment, he was arrested for tweeting things such as, “no more Muslim migration”.

50% of ISIS supporters indicated in a poll that they would like to see the terror group attack the UK next.

With British police seemingly more concerned about offensive tweets than actual terrorists, it’s probably a good idea to avoid London for the foreseeable future.


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