Charges will not be filed against two Minneapolis police officers who fatally shot an armed black man last month.

A local ABC affiliate reported Monday that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman chose not to press charges shortly after police released body cam footage of 31-year-old Thurman Blevins’ death.

Freeman revealed the decision in a written statement after a planned press conference was taken over by outraged members of the community.

“When Mr. Blevins fled from the officers with a loaded handgun, refused to follow their commands for him to stop and show his hands, and then took the gun out of his pocket and turned toward the officers, Mr. Blevins presented a danger to the lives of Officer Schmidt and Officer Kelly,” Freeman wrote.

Despite strong evidence showing the officers were justified, numerous residents stormed the stage at the press conference.

“Black people are tired of being hunted down like deer!” one person said.

The officers first encountered Blevins after receiving reports that an individual was firing a gun into the air.

Upon arriving at the scene, Blevins was seen with a firearm holstered on his side.

Blevins immediately fled the scene, refused to comply with the officers orders, and eventually reached for his gun during a foot pursuit.

The officers proceeded to fire 14 shots, hitting Blevins four times, according to an autopsy report.

Both the officers, Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly, have since been placed on paid administrative leave.

Blevins family had made reported calls for the officers to face criminal charges.

The incident bears resemblance to a similar police involved shooting in Chicago earlier this month in which another black man was shot for pulling a firearm on police.

Community members staged violent protests and accused the Chicago officers of racism and wrongdoing despite body cam footage showing the police were justified.

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