Kurt Nimmo
March 7, 2008

NBC reports:

Law enforcement officials said there is no connection between a letter to dozens of Congress members bearing the words “We did it” and the bombing of an Army recruiting station in New York.

Law officers have questioned the letter writer in the Los Angeles area and don’t expect to bring any charges against him, three law enforcement officials told The Associated Press. The writer is an anti-war activist who sent as many as 100 letters — including a photograph of a man standing in front of the Times Square office — to Congress members.

“It was just an incredibly unbelievable coincidence,” law enforcement officials added.

But for the neocons, coincidences do not happen, especially if there is a larger political ax to grind. For instance Michelle Malkin, after a long diatribe against demonstrations in opposition to military recruitment across the country, insists the antiwar “left” is responsible for the vandalism on the recruiting station located at Times Square. She points to a Reuters article:

U.S. authorities are checking whether several people stopped at the Canadian border are linked to an explosion that damaged a military recruiting station in New York, police said on Friday.

“Some pictures of Times Square, including the recruiting station, were found,” New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told CNN. “So federal officials are going back to take another look and talk to Canadian officials about that stop.”


Kelly confirmed at least three people were stopped at the Canadian border but he dismissed a possible link between the bombing and a letter sent to some Democratic U.S. congressional offices that referred to the recruiting station.

“The letter is really innocuous,” he said, describing it as advice to Democrats on how to win the U.S. presidential election in November.

Kelly said he believed the FBI had concluded that the person who sent the letter was not involved in the explosion.

Malkin describes the people stopped at the border as “anarchist-types,” all though that description does not appear in the article. Of course, as we know, accuracy is not exactly a neocon hallmark. I am not certain Malkin is aware that police love to use the cover of anarchism to carry out their provocateur activities, as the CBC News report at left, filmed after a demonstration against the SPP meeting in Montebello last year, reveals. Police later admitted these “anarchists” were from their ranks.

As Daniel Brandt wrote in 1995, the FBI’s COINTELPRO program was a smashing success at destroying the antiwar movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In this time period, “anti-war activists didn’t realize the extent to which the authorities were destroying their movement from within by using agents provocateurs and informants, and from the outside by using trumped-up charges, anonymous denunciations and snitch jackets, and stories planted in the media,” writes Brandt. “Almost thirty years later, the deja vu is getting stronger with each new headline.”


Is the Times Square bomber an agent provocateur? Of course, there is no way to tell. But that does not stop neocons such as Malkin from demanding the opposition be silenced, never mind the complete lack of evidence they are engaging in throwing bombs, let alone rocks like the Black Bloc infiltrators in Canada.

“When will this escalating war end?” Malkin demands to know. “There will be no end in sight until lawmakers, law enforcement, the media, and the public open their eyes to the hate, connect the dots, and stop coddling the increasingly crazed and emboldened anti-military militants before more bombs go off — and innocents get harmed — in the name of ‘peace’…. Ideas have consequences.”

Especially when such ideas are counter to those of the neocons, who want a carte blanc to bomb small countries and kill millions of people. It seriously irks them there is a small number of people who oppose this criminal behavior enough to go in the street and demonstrate their outrage.

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