The NSA, CIA and FBI hate encryption. The idea they can’t poke around in your email and chat messages drives them bonkers.

That’s why they launched a campaign to demonize the technology and went after Apple and Google. They believe it’s acceptable to violate the Fourth Amendment.

No opportunity to sell you on surrendering your rights is missed by the government. For instance, after the Paris attack, the government said the terrorists used encryption to go “dark.” They had zero evidence of this but, as usual, the media ran with it.

“I now think we’re going to have another public debate about encryption, and whether government should have the keys, and I think the result may be different this time as a result of what’s happened in Paris,” said former CIA deputy director Michael Morell on Monday.

Morrell wouldn’t have made his comment if not for Edward Snowden. Documents leaked by Snowden revealed NSA efforts to break encryption technologies. His revelation prompted intelligence agencies and law enforcement to openly criticize Facebook, Apple and Google for using encryption to protect the communication of their customers.

After the attack in France, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the feds continue to have “ongoing discussions” with industry about how they can “legally” compromise the privacy of their customers and violate the Fourth Amendment.

The feds will not be able to use the argument the terrorists in Paris used encryption. It turns out the government probably made that up just like they make a lot of stuff up about terrorists to justify the war on terror and diminish your liberty.

On Sunday The New York Times quietly pulled an article that claimed the Paris attackers used encryption. The link now redirects to a generalized article on the attacks and does not contain a reference to encryption. The original, however, is archived here.

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