UK travel advice on Sweden has warned visitors to beware violence, gun crime, and “explosions” in the nation’s migrant-dominated ‘no-go zones’.

“Crime levels are low” in the Nordic nation, the government advice notes, but goes on to caution: “Violent crime does occur; instances of gang-related crime, including shootings and explosions, have been reported in Malmö and Gothenburg.”

The travel advice, which was updated earlier this month, marks increasing acknowledgement by the establishment of problems Sweden is experiencing as a result of the nation’s “humanitarian” policy of importing large numbers of migrants from the third world.

In 2016, eight-year-old Birmingham schoolboy Yuusuf Warsame was killed in a bomb blast while on holiday in Sweden with his mother, brother, and sister.

They were visiting relatives in Gothenburg when a grenade was thrown through a window of the apartment where he was sleeping, in an attack which took place in the context of a continuing gangland feud between members of the city’s Somali community.

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