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January 21, 2011

“No Guns for Negroes ” exposes the racist history of American gun control laws. Every person who supports gun control laws must be shown this film or gun ownership will cease to exist in America.

Aaron S. Zelman, who recently passed away, was the founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JFPO) has been a notable advocate not only for 2nd Amendment rights, but for breaking down the racial stigma(s) surrounding gun ownership. One of his other films, No Guns for Jews, bears a nearly identical title with a parallel message– Nazi gun laws were aimed at Jews, and played a part in fueling their later persecution. No Guns for Negroes shows the racist background behind early U.S. gun laws; appropriately, and frighteningly, the 1968 gun laws passed in America would be based upon Nazi gun laws.


From JPFO’s tribute to Aaron Zelman

Almost singlehandedly, Aaron ripped the “humane” mask off gun control, showing it for what it is, victim disarmament, the prevention of self-defense. He exposed the contemptible connection between the 1968 Gun Control Act and the Nazi gun laws it was copied from, concept by concept, by a corrupt and despicable leftist politician. With the discovery of the correlation between mass disarmament and historic acts of tyranny and genocide, he shattered any claim anti-gunners might make to public safety or civic virtue.

Download the movie here http://jpfo.org/filegen-n-z/ngn-download-view.htm

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