The internet ridiculed USA Today’s tweet featuring a graphic of possible AR-15 modifications – including a chainsaw bayonet – it suggests killer Devin Kelley could have used in the Texas church massacre on Sunday.

USA Today tweeted the animated graphic Wednesday, which began by showing an AR-15 in its “base form.”

“AR-15 style rifles have many aftermarket options – some common, some rare,” it said in the animation.

The video then showed an array of over-the-top modifications added to the rifle, including an underbarrel 12 gauge shotgun and a chainsaw bayonet.

“Gunman Devin Kelley posted a photo of a rifle on Facebook before the shooting,” said text in the video.

“It appears to be a Ruger AR-556 with several modifications.”

The animation then showed the modifications on Kelley’s rifle, which did not include a chainsaw bayonet, but rather a red dot sight, a flashlight and a sling.

The suggestion that criminals are running around with chainsaw modifications on their rifles drew ridicule from conservatives on social media.

USA Today attempted to backpedal on its video after social media tore it to pieces, clarifying “the shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.”

This failed stunt by USA Today illustrates the Left’s lack of understanding about firearms and their attitude that guns are only meant to butcher innocent people and have no practical use in the real world for self-defense.

It’s worth noting that Kelley was stopped by an NRA member, also using an AR-15 rifle, who shot him in the leg and stomach which prompted Kelley to flee and later kill himself.


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