Planet Infowars
Oct. 1, 2013

Americans are slowly realizing their government masters are totally out of control. No where is this better illustrated than with the current “government shutdown”. Contained in the subject article is a partial list of all the central government expenditures that continue as normal in spite of the “shutdown’.

Earlier in the summer our government masters tampered with the National Debt Clock making it seem like the National debt didn’t increase at all for several months. So we have bureaucrats, drunk with power, paying no attention whatsoever, to the legal requirement that government not borrow any more money. Just like they say to us on a daily basis, they are saying “go to hell” to anyone demanding they obey the law.

I have said this before and will continue to say it. There is no solution to our problems that involves “them”. “They” are the problem and nothing positive will happen until “they” go. They have to go.

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