Patrick Henningsen
November 7, 2011

The US-British-Israeli axis looks to have sped up its plans for a pre-emptive attack against Iran, with its latest case for war pinned on the UN watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) quarterly report on Iran which was pre-leaked to the press this past weekend.

According Washington experts, the much hyped IAEA nuclear intelligence estimate promised to deliver the smoking gun that could somehow turn into a mushroom cloud, but in fact, the report contained nothing more than pedestrian observations baked in with existing speculative western pro-war innuendo on the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.

While the UN’s IAEA poses as a neutral party, its ambiguous case against Iran is then picked up and run with by Washington, Tel Aviv, London and the axis power’s newest power player, Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris.

Media robots and warmongers in Washington insisted that Iran has made ‘computer models’ of a nuclear warhead. Meanwhile, Iran expects to trump this latest round of US propaganda by unveiling documents that will detail the US links and funding of terrorist operations in the region.

See Iran analysis in interview with writer Patrick Henningsen on Russia Today here:

The IAEA conclude that Iran has upgraded the level of enrichment from 3.5 per cent to just below 20 per cent. Low-enriched uranium is accepted for use in nuclear power reactors, which Iran has always maintained is the function of its nuclear program. The war hawks have naturally rushed to speculation, even though weapons-grade uranium is meant to be 90 per cent enriched.

The IAEA also claim that Tehran has installed new centrifuges, which are being moved to the bunker in Qom, allegedly (again) to protect them from US and Israeli air strikes.

Nonetheless, statements ahead of the report’s release have been spun heavily by war advocates like David Albright, a former weapons inspector who runs the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. Albright has been drafted in by Washington in order to establish a false consensus, stating here, “We believe if Iran broke out now they could have a bomb in six months… They’ve done this right in front of our faces.”

In addition to David Albright, a number of other axis collaborators have been used to pad the IAEA’s thin report.

Others include Greg Jones, of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Centre, whose outrageous claims put an Iranian bomb within within 62 days.

The Bipartisan Policy Centre, a Washington think tank set up by US senators to push the war agenda, wildly claim that: “The Islamic Republic of Iran could be a de facto nuclear power before 2011 is over.”

Whether US intentions are to disable Iran’s genuine industrial nuclear progress, or simply to put its highly developed economy back 30 years is anyone’s guess. It is already common knowledge that the US and Israel were involved in the 2010 deployment of the super computer virus known as Stuxnet, which alleged caused Iran’s new laboratory centrifuges to malfunction causing delays in its enrichment program.

Finally, the IAEA claims to have satellite imagery of what it believes is a large steel container used for nuclear-arms related high explosives tests. Unfortunately, the IAEA’s credibility for identifying suspected nuclear facilities has been shot to piece following its latest early April fool’s joke delivered last week, claiming that it had satellite imagery of a Syrian nuclear facility. After hyping the finding through the gulible corporate media, it turns out that their suspect Syrian site is actually a textile factory.

Taking these failures into account, it remains very difficult to believe any of the IAEA’s suspect WMD ‘intelligence’.

The US and Britain are also hard-pressed to win any credibility after their all-out effort to fabricate a WMD case against Iraq in 2002 and 2003. After its forged Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger, Colin Powell’s humiliating claim of Saddam Hussein’s mobile anthrax labs known as the ‘Winnabegos of Death’, and Britain’s laughable assertions that Iraq could deploy an intercontinental missile attack with 45 minutes.

Prior to that, the US launched an all-out air assault and military occupation of Afghanistan, even though there was zero evidence presented that the Afghan state had anything whatsoever to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001. Instead, the US relied on its creation of protaginist Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaida myth in order to justify its ten year operation in Central Asia. Still though, few Americans bothered to question the official line on this incident, unable to comprehend that the US had already laid out their agenda to dominate and occupy the region way before that fateful day.

Tehran was aware of the approaching UN report, and responded in kind by releasing its own documents detailing Washington’s involvement in acts of terror against Iran as well as other nations. It maintains that the United States and Israel are the chief sponsors of state terrorism in the Middle East and Central Asia.

For the most part, their report has been completely ignored by the western media machine, even though history backs Iran’s claim. In 2006, the United States congress passed the Iran Freedom and Support Act which earmarked $10 million towards groups opposed to the Iranian Government. Later in 2007 GW Bush approved over $400 million in funds for the CIA to run covert operations to destabilize Iran, including directive support for a criminal Pakistani Balochi militant group called Jundullah who were responsible for a series of deadly killings inside Iran.

Russia Today also reported on bogus western attempts to stoke the war fires with Iran this past Saturday:

“Assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists and massacre of the Iraqi and Afghan people are just a part of the US crimes which are not hidden to anyone,” a senior member of Iranian parliament, Esmayeel Kosari, claimed as quoted by FARS news agency.

“I’m almost definitely sure the United States is at war with Iran through proxies,” Robert Baer, author and former CIA case officer said in Current TV’s 2009 documentary Vanguard: America’s Secret War With Iran. According to Baer, US intelligence is in touch with PJAK, Iraq-based Kurdish militant nationalist group which frequently carries out attacks against Iran.

Patrick Henningsen, editor of the website, told RT a report is due to be released on Monday that has detailed documentary evidence of US involvement in the funding and arming of terrorist groups that organize terrorist attacks in Iran.

“What we are seeing here is war propaganda. One side is from the US and the other side is Iran’s counter-propaganda to show that the US is actively involved in operating terrorist groups in the region. The timing of the situation is incredible. Let’s look at the US policy on nuclear right now – Obama approved a $200 billion bill to upgrade the US nuclear arsenal! There is a bit of a double standard going on there,” he stated.

With a region already at boiling temperatures, the majority of people in the world would certainly vote for a diplomatic solution, instead of launching air strikes against Iran based on more flimsy speculative intelligence coming out of the UN, Washington, London, Paris or Tel Aviv. A diplomatic solution was already put forward in 2009, but hardly acted upon by the west:

The UN plan proposes that Iran send 70 percent of its uranium to Russia for enrichment and on to France for further refinement. The resulting fuel rods would be shipped back to Iran for use in a research reactor near Tehran which produces medical isotopes. It’s hoped this would help relieve the rest of the world’s fears that Iran is using its uranium to build nuclear weapons.

If these axis powers fail to convince their populations that there is real WMD intelligence against Iran, history shows that the waring nations will then create a false flag event, or simply go in and attack unilaterally under the popular banner of “coalition”.

The latest IAEA falls way short of a smoking gun. It only shows that Iran has reached a level of possible research into weapons, a level restricted to computer modelling. There is zero evidence that Iran has begun production on any nuclear weapon.

Either way you cut it, intelligence or no intelligence- evidence or no evidence, the US-British-Israeli-French Axis has already made up its mind that they will strike Iran at a time of their choosing. Following NATO’s pulverizing of Libya, it’s no doubt that a conventional war with Iran will be longer and many more lives will be lost than were reported from any of the USA’s recent military adventures. Any attack on Iran is likely to feature nuclear weapons from the US or Israel, and any nuclear conflagration will surely result in a bare minimum of 100,000 human deaths, and will also spill over across an already volatile region, becoming a catalyst for a wider World War III conflict.

Will it be a repeat of 2003, or worse?

The only thing standing in the way of this and a peaceful outcome are the politicians and citizens of these western countries. Time to step up then, if WWIII is to be avoided.

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