Adan Salazar
August 29, 2012

According to CBC News, the Canadian government is looking forward to giving drones a more prominent role in police, agriculture and military applications.

photoSmaller-sized drones are used for surveying crop health in southern Alberta. (CBC)

“High-tech robots being developed by a group of scientists near Medicine Hat, Alberta., could soon be used to detect leaks in pipelines or avalanches in the mountains,” the CBC News writes.

The report goes on to say that local law enforcement is already using drones for surveillance: “Elsewhere in the country, at least one section of the Ontario Provincial Police deploys the machines to take high-quality photos of crime scenes and traffic collisions.”

Jared Giesbrecht with Defense Research Development Canada, a government agency whose purpose it is to supply scientific and technological advancements for Canadian Forces said, “The reason why we do what we do is to keep soldiers safe and to ease their burden,” which would indeed be a very noble endeavor, if we didn’t already know the routine sleight of hand exploited to sell ideas to the public.

Recently, Canada attempted to justify its need for more advanced drone technology to prepare for a resource war that would break out should the polar ice caps melt. “The thinking goes like this: As global warming causes the northern polar ice to recede — and one day disappear during the summer months — nations like Russia, Canada, Norway and the United States will scramble for the bountiful deposits of oil, gas and minerals hidden beneath, sparking an Arctic resource war,” reports

Reportedly, Canada is already using drones the size of DVD players to monitor agriculture, as was the case in Nebraska and Iowa.

The CBC did not venture to mention the obvious threats domestic drones pose to citizens’ privacy.

Earlier this month, the Canadian Department of National Defense announced its intent to appropriate $1 billion for drones to be outfitted with hellfire missiles and other bombs.

Matthew Behrens, of, isn’t fooled by the mainstream illusion. He writes,

“The drones are also touted as vehicles by which Canada somehow “saves lives,” but this equation always leaves out the lives at risk on the ground. Over 3,000 souls have been slaughtered from the skies in the not-so-secret and clearly illegal drone war waged by Obama and his minions in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the rapidly evolving technology is also being used to prevent refugees from finding asylum and to target political demonstrations. Drones represent the ultimate tool in a 24/7 surveillance and punishment society: the forces of control can always monitor us and, when convenient, vaporize us, without any sense of transparency or accountability.”

While touting the importance of safety, the CBC also conveniently fails to address the detrimental psychological effects associated with drones buzzing overhead. Behrens goes on,

“Last year, Pakistan’s Foundation for Fundamental Rights, in conjunction with U.K. human rights group Reprieve, brought together 350 people to discuss the traumas of life under the drones, which many reported seeing 10 to 15 times a day. The anxiety of never knowing when the hovering drones will strike is unimaginable: war by drone is a form of torture, an indefinite death sentence hanging over the heads of villagers that can be executed at any time of the day and night. And the victims never know what hit them, as Hellfire missiles travel faster than the speed of sound. In addition, after a drone strike, villagers often face death squads who believe someone in the village provided targeting data. Kidnappings and torture ensue, a convenient extension of the “kill chain” that begins back in a Nevada bunker.”

Replies in the comments section of the CBC article shows some Canadians are actually happy about the prospect of drone integration. One user writes, “there are so many reaching applications for these marvels, lets let them spread thier [sic] wings.” Another user says, “Great technology! This will be a lot better than the F35 project, and will cost the taxpayers less, and still achieve the same results.”

One user, however, was not brainwashed by the drone propaganda. He stated,

“Great new venture…but my concern is that our premiere in AB went to a Bildeberger Meeting in Virginia…which is a elite secret business group started by the Nazi prince Bernhard! An ss member no less. Drones are in neighborhoods in the US!? Why are jets spraying us with aluminum and bariaum since Reford got in? Is this poisoning going to be automated? Is this a front organization for covert ops like the Chem Trail spraying companies in Calgary and Winnipeg airports?”

Transport Canada is doing everything in their power to loosen drone restrictions, and, if successful, it won’t be long before drones are regularly patrolling Canadian neighborhoods.

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