Viral video shared on social media shows a helicopter patrolling Huntington Beach, California ordering citizens to “remain clear of the beaches and boardwalk” in compliance with Governor Gavin Newsom’s shutdown orders.


Governor Newsom last week ordered beaches closed after the media released deceptive photos taken with telephoto lenses making the beaches looked packed to the brim which triggered hysteria on social media:

When reporter Millie Weaver asked protesters about the proponents of the Stay-At-Home order wanting to remain quarantined the consensus amongst opponents was that those who want to stay home should be free to and those who want to go back to work or support the economy should be allowed to.

Newsom’s order appears to have backfired as large protests were held against his beach closures:

A new study found “significant relationships” between low vitamin D levels and increased coronavirus deaths and prior studies have found healthy vitamin D levels are linked to reduced risk of respiratory infections so ordering everyone to stay cooped up in their homes may actually be putting lives at risk.

“Newport Beach voted Saturday to support legal action filed by the cities of Huntington Beach and Dana Point to reopen Orange County beaches after Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a countywide shutdown of shores Thursday,” KTLA reported.

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