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Thought Criminal
May 10, 2008

This belief was reflected in the outcomes of nearly all of the 17 elections held in 2006. And it has been the real story of recent years: Not some "Left Turn." Not some populist rejection of markets and trade – but the creation of a new hemispheric consensus that, as our Inter-American Democratic Charter


states, "democracy is essential for the social, political, and economic development of the people of the Americas." -Condoleezza Rice

The Bush Administration likes to brag that they create their own reality and that when we are focused on that reality they will create new realities. For a very long time in this freedom movement we have done just that, pay attention and analyze the reality that they create for us. After September 11th the majority of us were arguing with each other over theories such as planes or no planes as many had not a clue that our country has been irrevocably altered and our sovereignty has been surrendered at the stroke of a pen by Colin Powell


. Something that enemies with nuclear weapons could not do, multinational non-governmental organizations have done slowly over time.

"The terrorist catastrophes in New York and Washington swept away media comment on other global events taking place on September 11, 2001. Virtually obscured on that historic agreement reached in Lima, Peru by the foreign ministers of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the Inter-American Democratic Charter. -Lou Dobbs, CNN

On September 11th Colin Powell was in Peru with the rest of the ‘ministers’ of the Organization of American States which has been forming since 1959. All of the member states of the OAS were in attendance to sign the Inter-American Democratic Charter which was a groundbreaking document for cementing the globalist policies such as the Inter-American system that puts the United States under International Law and standardizes English, Spanish, Portuguese and French as official languages for member states. The OAS has tentacles that reach deeper than the SPP and it also has a very United Nations like structure with a permanent council and general assembly.

Secretary Powell should be credited for signing the Inter-American Democratic Charter in Lima, but what does that act mean when others in the Administration support a coup d’etat in Venezuela, only to be chastised by the rest of the inter-American community? What does our declared support for democracy mean when U.S. Ambassadors take sides in a presidential election in Bolivia and El Salvador? Does this Administration not realize that Latin Americans remain suspicious of U.S. declarations on democracy because we sometimes undermined democratically-elected leaders, who were anti-American?

Let me request that you consider a second hearing specifically on North America and look beyond NAFTA to the issue of integration and policy coordination. There is much to be learned from the European experience – both in terms of what we should adapt and what we should avoid. Beyond that, Congress could take the lead in merging the two bilateral parliamentary commissions with Mexico and Canada to create a new Inter-Parliamentary Group on North America


that could consider new initiatives, including a North American passport, a Customs Union, a Permanent Court on Trade and Investment to replace the ad hoc dispute settlement mechanism, and a North American Plan for Infrastructure and Transportation. -Robert Pastor

September 11th provided the perfect diversion as the leaders of the OAS met an hour after the 9/11 tragedy. Colin Powell did not rush back to America he stayed in Peru until his work was done. Since then Condoleezza Rice has been all around the world as U.S. Secretary of State and meeting with numerous NGOs such as the Council of the Americas, a Rockefeller front. Most recently she was in Washington meeting with them as she said that the Americas had reached a hemispheric consensus’ under the banner of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. This charter speaks of interdependence not independence, electoral observation which would lead to the propping up of dictators across South America and many lofty goals which will never be fulfilled. The SPP and OAS are both different measures to transform our nation into a third world cesspool. We are already seeing the textbook stagflation and most of our infrastructure such as the roads are dilapidated



The OAS foreign ministers met scarcely an hour after the terrorist attacks. As they gathered in Lima the previous evening, there was apprehension that one or more of them might introduce wording that
would blunt some of the Charter’s teeth. By the time the meeting was underway, it was clear that the
terrorist attacks had removed that concern. Instead of departing immediately for the airport, Secretary of State Colin Powell delayed his return flight to Washington for several hours in the hope that he could leave with a strong and unanimously approved charter


He had rightly judged the impact that his decision to remain even briefly at the meeting would have on the other foreign ministers. On the first day of the terrorist crisis, Powell had given priority to multilateralism -John W. Graham

In order to full see their visions fulfilled they must indoctrinate the youth and there is a plethora of organizations who are attempting to get kids to forget about being American but instead a global citizen


. As the United States is just another member state of the Organization of American States globalist believe there is no reason for the U.S. to be any different. We are living in the North American Union and 3000 people had to die so that 300 million could be brought into tyranny. America was one of the last beacons of liberty in a bleak world and I wonder if she will ever shine again.

That government is best which governs least. – Henry David Thoreau

Michael Vail & Josh Reeves

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