Republican governor Doug Burgum signed a bill legalizing permitless gun carry in North Dakota on Friday.

The bill allows anyone over the age of 21 who can otherwise possess a firearm to carry it concealed on their person without having to obtain a permit beforehand. It does require that anyone legally carrying a firearm also carry a valid ID and inform police that they are carrying if they are stopped. The state’s permitting process will remain in place for those who want to obtain one for carry in other states that have reciprocity agreements requiring a physical permit.

North Dakota’s new law comes on the heels of New Hampshire’s adoption of permitless carry in February. A dozen states have now passed some form of permitless carry in the last decade, 13 have adopted the policy since 2003. Including Vermont, which never restricted gun carry, there are now a total of 14 states that have passed some form of permitless carry.

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