North Korea has ramped up its campaign to control outside information in recent years, but several defectors now living in South Korea said the regime’s censorship efforts are showing signs of wear amid increased penetration and discontent.

Choi Jeong Hun, broadcasting director of Free North Korea Radio, a Seoul-based organization that aims to broadcast global news into North Korea, said expanded information access has weakened Kim Jong Un’s control over the population.

“Things have changed within two to five years, information has gone into North Korea and has changed the mindset of the people,” Choi told the Washington Free Beacon through an interpreter. “You now have an entirely different generation in North Korea made up of people who are exposed to outside information when they are really young.”

Choi described an incident in January where several passengers on a train traveling from the northern city of Hyesan to the capital of Pyongyang stood up to State Security Bureau agents who were harassing a mother and child for failing to possess the proper travel documents.

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