After being shot by an RCMP officer this weekend, Evan Cromarty will be released from hospital and taken into custody Tuesday.

Evan’s father Brian Cromarty told CBC he is in shock and has no idea why police would shoot his son Evan Cromarty and his faith in the force is shaken.

“I was in total shock and you know I still am,” he said. “I haven’t slept well all night and I was very, very, very upset I guess. Not in anger, just not knowing what had just happened.”

Cromarty is also worried about his other son, 9, who witnessed the shooting. He said the child is traumatized.

“You couldn’t help him stop crying because he was in shock you know,” he said. “He just saw his brother get shot. Last night, as he went to bed, my son told me ‘I can’t sleep, Dad. This thing keeps coming into my mind.'”

Manitoba Justice has ordered an independent special investigations unit to look into the shooting of Cromarty, 20.

The special unit, from Alberta, is heading to Norway House Cree Nation to look into the matter, which happened Sunday during a baseball tournament in the community.

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