Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, December 11, 2009

Now EU Wants Global Transaction Tax To Fund More Bailouts 111209top

On the heels of a similar proposal being pushed in Copenhagen in the name of fighting global warming, the European Union has asked the IMF to introduce a global tax on financial transactions in order to fund more bailouts – in other words, the globalists are devising yet more ways to plunder the taxpayer into servitude to the private banks that they own.

“The European Union increased pressure on the International Monetary Fund on Friday to consider a global tax on financial transactions to limit the risk of another economic crisis,” reports the London Telegraph.

The EU wants a “global financial transaction levy” in order to “fund future financial bailouts,” as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for during the G20.

This is nothing more than yet another veil for the global tobin tax that will be used to bankroll the system of world government that Brown, the EU and the IMF have incessantly called for and rapidly advanced on the back of the economic crisis.

Taxpayers in the European Union are already picking up the tab for the massive bailouts that have taken place over the past year in the form of higher taxes – now they are set to be financially raped further in the form of transaction taxes. Once the globalists get a foot in the door by taxing international transactions related to the financial industry, they will seek to expand the levy to cover all purchases. European citizens already pay such taxes domestically in the form of VAT (value added tax) on most purchases, which is set to revert back to 17.5 percent in the UK from January 1st.


So the globalists already take a huge chunk in tax from most purchases we make, they take another huge chunk in the form of higher taxes to pay for the bailouts that have already happened, and now they want to take another slice in the form of an international transaction tax – and this is before the raft of other taxes that are currently being readied in Copenhagen under the justification of the global warming fraud.

Higher taxes means people with less money being forced to get into more debt to the same private banks that will benefit from the transaction tax!

Will the raping and pillaging never cease?

During his appearance on The Alex Jones Show earlier this week, Lord Monckton revealed that the secretive Copenhagen agreement included provisions for the introduction of a global tax on international financial transactions in the name of stopping climate change.

However, as the leaked Danish text also revealed this week, such funds would in fact be paid directly into the coffers of the World Bank and IMF, and wouldn’t even be allocated to go to poorer countries as the original justification claimed.

There would be a “global levy on international monetary transactions – that means every transfer of money across borders will be taxed,” said Monckton, adding that this would be on top of a 2 percent GDP tax.

“This is how they are going to fund this vast new government they’re setting up,” said Monckton, adding that he counted around 700 new bureaucracies that would be created as a result of the treaty, which would also be bankrolled by taxpayers even outside of the raft of new taxes the treaty would create.

It’s not enough for the globalists to rule over us with the iron fist of a dictatorial world government – they want us to pay for it too – financing our own enslavement as our disposable income vanishes into the coffers of an unelected global empire that then uses the money to dominate and control us even further.

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