Dave Lefcourt
OpEd News

Oct 1, 2011

As a testament to his current stature, confidence and the populism he exhibits with the people, Putin, in addressing the aforementioned convention was able to say, “We must speak openly about the dependence of our economy on raw materials, about the dangerous level of social inequality, violence, corruption, about the feeling of injustice and vulnerability that people feel when they are dealing with government bodies, courts, and law enforcement. All this, unfortunately, continues. We can and must overcome these problems.” Wow!

Beyond his message of Russia’s economy being dependent on raw materials, Putin’s words on “social inequality, corruption, feelings of injustice and vulnerability of the people” would be words of empathy to the ears of the people of the United States if they were uttered by President Obama in recognizing his people’s “social inequality, corruption, feelings of injustice and vulnerability” in the face of the current plight they are enduring in this country.

To be sure, the Russian people’s historical tendency to passively endure life under autocrats from tsars to Soviet General Secretaries is a sad reminder of their desire for political stability over the messiness that comes with democracy and the freedom of expression.

Be that as it may, there seems to be more factual truth uttered by Putin, an unreconstructed autocrat than comes from the leaders of the world’s longest running democracy, the United States.

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