Tamara Keith
November 5, 2012

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Have you heard the story that’s swept the liberal blogosphere in recent days about how Mitt Romney’s son Tagg is going to steal the election for his dad?

It’s not true, but like all good conspiracy theories, it is based on kernels of truth.

This conspiracy centers on voting machines in Ohio, a key battleground in this election. A couple of Ohio counties use voting machines made by a company called Hart InterCivic. According to the rumor, Tagg Romney owns part of Hart. So, goes the story, Tagg Romney could fix the election.


“If somebody was doing something funny, believe me everybody would know,” says Sally Krisel, deputy director of elections in Hamilton County.

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Ohio Polls: Gary Johnson Helps Give Obama a Big Edge, He is the X Factor Nobody is Talking About

Policy Mic
November 5, 2012

The race for the White House is currently tied at 47%, a dead heat in literally all of the national polls. Still President Obama remains the favorite, especially to win the Electoral College.

[…] And then there is Gary Johnson, the third party Libertarian candidate running for president.

Most national polls have more or less discounted the libertarian. But Johnson will truly be an X factor in this election — pulling enough votes away from Romney to win Obama the Electoral College.

Johnson hasn’t even really registered much on the national scene (not to discount the other third party candidates, but Johnson is the one being recognized has having the potential spoiler affect). This in itself is massively shocking. In Ohio — the swing state of all swing states — Johnson will likely tear a full percentage point away from Romney in the polls. With the presidential race as tight as it is, even that single point in Ohio could turn the election.

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