The endgame of the National Security Agency is to obtain total information awareness on a global scale, NSA whistleblower and former technical director William Binney said on the Alex Jones Show Thursday.

After being questioned on the larger plan of the national security state as a whole, Binney, who worked at the NSA for more than 36-years, revealed his belief that the agency’s goal of total population control would lead to the creation of a global surveillance apparatus.

“Certainly it is population control, but not just of any given country – but of the world,” the whistleblower said. “And so what they’re after, and I think Obama has stated this from various points, that he wanted a ‘world community,’ so I think that’s probably what they’re after.”

“And in order to do that they need to be able to control the people of the world. So in order to do that, you have to have knowledge of them to know who’s doing what so you can stop it, or manipulate it any way you want.”

Since 9/11, the NSA has aggressively increased the amount of data it obtains both domestically and abroad. Former NSA Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander even adopted the mantra of “collect it all” during his tenure at the agency.

Binney has repeatedly warned of the agency’s “totalitarian mentality” and labeled them the “greatest threat” to the US since the civil war.

Watch the entire interview with NSA whistleblower William Binney below:

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