February 18, 2010

Fox News is reporting that the pilot involved in the plane crash in Austin, Texas, had deliberately targeted the IRS. “An NTSB official told Fox News that they are investigating this as an intentional act, and said it appears the pilot set his own house on fire and then got in his plane and flew it into the building,” reports Fox. The IRS has an office in the building.

An IRS employee saw the plane approach the office building in north Austin. “It looked like it was coming right in my window,” IRS Agent William Winnie told the Statesman.

Initial reports indicated the FBI has an office in the building. It later turned out not to be true. An FBI spokesman told Fox News that the FBI office in Austin is near where the plane crashed, but not in the same building.

Infowars has dispatched a team to the scene. and Prison will report updates as they are received.

Update: CNN reports that a federal official claims the pilot had set his house on fire beforehand, stole the plane and crashed it intentionally. The FAA said the plane departed Georgetown Municipal Airport, north of Austin, about 9:40 a.m., and that the pilot did not file a flight plan.

The Internal Revenue Service in Dallas, Texas, told CNN that the building is a federal IRS outsourced building. It said 199 of its employees work there. The IRS said it thinks all employees are accounted for, but they are checking.


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