– Police ‘unable to contain’ nuclear threat
– Spectre of nuclear attack ‘impossible to ignore’
– Countries must ‘work together’ to prevent destruction

Matt Blake
Mail Online
March 9, 2012

Stateless terrorists are closer to unleashing a nuclear attack on Britain than ever before, Nick Clegg will warn today.

The Deputy Prime Minister will say materials and internet instructions on how to make a ‘dirty bomb’ have become so readily available in recent years that police forces are unable to contain such a threat.

Al Qaeda are already known to be actively trying to amass nuclear material and recruit rogue scientists to build a radioactive ‘dirty bomb’ while diplomatic temperatures between Iran and the West are at boiling point.

Mr Clegg will issue a plea for more co-operation between countries to fight the spectre of terrorism, crime and economic collapse in a speech at the Hague this evening, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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