Donald Trump’s remarks about Hispanics — “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists,” he said of Mexican immigrants last summer — have been called racist and shocking. Sixty-two percent of Hispanic voters in a recent CBS News poll say they view him unfavorably.

Yet along the Texas-Mexico border, Trump enjoys a well of support among Hispanic Americans that some might find surprising.

Texas has the second largest Latino population in the nation, including nearly five million eligible Hispanic voters. In the Texas Republican primary March 1, Trump came in a distant second, winning just six of the state’s 254 counties. He did better than average in border towns with a high proportion of Hispanic voters.

Tony Castaneda, the grandson of Mexican immigrants, cast one of those votes for Trump.

“I’m a former chief of police in a border town. I’m Hispanic, I’m proud to be Hispanic and I’m 100 percent behind Donald Trump for his candidacy to the White House,” Castaneda told CBS News.

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