Order out of chaos club does not care who rips Ukraine away from Russia

Kurt Nimmo
February 7, 2014

An audio allegedly hacked by the Russians and posted on Youtube provides irrefutable evidence that the State Department is meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Since the Maidan Square protests began in November evidence has piled up showing that the usual actors are involved – the Soros NGOs, which specialize in color revolutions, USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House. For background, see Senator McCain Pimps for CIA-spawned Color Revolution in Ukraine.

The Russian government has denied any role in surreptitiously recording the conversation between Nuland, the US-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

The audio recording does not reveal anything especially sinister. It does, however, show the displeasure of the State Department with the way things are going in Ukraine. Nuland has hasty words for the EU and the groomed choice to replace Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych who the Soros-NED-USAID opposition is attempting to oust. She has sharp words for Vitali Klitschko, the former boxer coached by a PR company connected to the State Department.

Nuland and Pyatt also talk about getting the United Nations involved in the Ukrainian mess. The audio reveals how the State Department calls the shots at the internationalist organization.

Nuland tells Pyatt that she ordered the Under-Secretary-General and head of the Department of Political Affairs at the United Nations, Jeffrey Feltman, to have U.N. boss Ban Ki-moon get Dutch diplomat Robert Serry, who was posted previously in Kiev, “have the UN glue this thing.” Nuland then dismissively adds “fuck the EU.”

During a news conference, Farhan Haq, Acting Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, was asked what the United Nation’s role in Ukraine might be. “The Secretary-General asked Mr. Robert Serry to travel to Kiev on his behalf to convey the United Nations’ solidarity with Ukraine and to encourage dialogue,” Haq replied.

In short, the United Nations, at the behest of the United States and the globalists working to dismantle Ukraine and move it away from Russia’s orbit, will throw support behind the Maidan movement increasingly under the spell of Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), the “Maidan self-defense force” comprised of soccer hooligans and ultra-nationalists.

Eric Draitser, writing for Counterpunch, notes that the United States is not concerned about the possibility of resurgent fascism in Ukraine. Draitser writes that “as the character of the opposition has become apparent in recent days [January 29], the US and Western ruling class and its media machine have done little to condemn the fascist upsurge. Instead, their representatives have met with representatives of Right Sector and deemed them to be ‘no threat.’ In other words, the US and its allies have given their tacit approval for the continuation and proliferation of the violence in the name of their ultimate goal: regime change.”

The order out of chaos club in D.C., of course, does not particularly care who does the job of ripping Ukraine away from Russia. The endgame is to bring the country into the European Union and impose the sort of IMF-World Bank austerity underway in Greece and planned for Spain and the countries of southern Europe.


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