More than a million Londoners who are defined as living in poverty are members of households in which at least one adult has a job, according to a new analysis.

The figures include 450,000 children who live in such households, and research estimates that cuts in working tax credits to families next April could make 640,000 children worse off.

The analysis is contained in the fifth London Poverty Profile, which is compiled by the New Policy Institute thinktank for the charity Trust for London. It indicates that the total number of Londoners in poverty now stands at 2.25 million. Of these, slightly more than half – 1.2 million – qualify as “in-work poor”, representing an increase of 70% in the past 10 years.

The study found that, although the numbers of unemployed adults and the proportion of people in workless households has fallen in the capital, the city’s overall poverty rate is 27%, much as it has been for the past decade. The rate for the rest of England is 20%.

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