The State University of New York at Albany has opened an investigation into a party thrown off-campus where students allegedly wore surgical masks and drank Corona beers at a coronavirus-themed shindig.

School administrators are looking into whether or not the party violated the college’s student code of conduct.

The investigation comes as a response to a school group called the Asian American Alliance, which criticized the party in an Instagram post asking for the school to take action.

The group called the party “insensitive” and “racist,” while claiming students involved are engaging in a “hate crime.”

On Sunday night, video of the party was briefly posted on the Barstool Albany Instagram account supposedly showing a bucket of Corona beers sitting on ice and a person wearing a surgical mask along with the caption, “Coronavirus isn’t gonna stop anyone from partying.”

The Asian American Alliance also called Barstool Albany an “illegal student group.”

University officials released a statement, reading, “The theme of this party was distasteful and hurtful and is not representative of UAlbany or its nearly 18,000 students. Any allegations of conduct violations will be investigated and addressed through the University’s disciplinary process.”

The party’s location and students involved have yet to be identified.

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