The New York Times hit piece that blamed right-wing YouTubers for radicalizing Caleb Cain into hating “Muslim immigrants” included as one of its targets a Muslim immigrant.

Yes, really.

According to Kevin Roose’s NY Times piece, Cain watched videos that “convinced him that Western civilization was under threat from Muslim immigrants”.

Three of those videos were produced by Mimi Al-Laham, a Muslim immigrant living in Australia.

“I am a Muslim immigrant, so the writer of this article Kevin Roose is implying that I somehow caused Caleb to hate myself,” said Al-Laham.

“How such videos could have contributed towards Caleb hating Muslim immigrants makes no sense unless the author Kevin Roose is implying that the very sight of a Muslim immigrant like myself could cause hatred,” she added.

Al-Laham reached out to Cain, who acknowledged that her videos played no role in ‘radicalizing’ him or making him hate Muslim immigrants.

This absurd contradiction illustrates how the article was intended as a broad effort to smear as many dissident voices as possible in an attempt to pressure YouTube into deplatforming them.

Syrian Girl’s content is primarily focused on opposing foreign interventionism in Syria, which led to Islamic jihadists being trained and armed by the west – something that the New York Times promoted at every turn.

As we highlight in the video below, the entire premise of the article – that Cain was radicalized by YouTube videos into becoming ‘Alt-Right’ – is completely undermined by the fact that Cain admits he was never ‘Alt-Right’.

In reality, YouTube’s algorithm eventually led to Cain watching videos with a left-wing bias, meaning that if anything he was radicalized to become a leftist.


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