The New York Times journalist who was humiliated for erroneously claiming Mike Bloomberg’s $500 million ad buy could have been used to give every American $1 million dollars has re-emerged to complain that her embarrassment was the fault of a “racist Twitter mob.”

Mara Gay responded to Bloomberg dropping out of the presidential race last week by claiming that the money he spent on campaign commercials could have made every American a millionaire with lots of spare change.

“Actually with the money he spent he could have given every American a million dollars,” Gay told MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who immediately agreed.

With math obviously not being Gay’s strong point, it was immediately pointed out that Bloomberg’s $500 billion doled out to all 327 million Americans would mean they get just $1.53 each.

After being left red-faced, Gay re-emerged today with a New York Times opinion piece whining about racism.

“A racist Twitter mob came for me over a trivial math mistake. I’m not going anywhere,” she tweeted.

In the article, Gay complains about receiving a “deluge of hate.”

“Unfortunately, quite a few Americans can tell you what it’s like to be the target of a Twitter mob over a gaffe,” she writes. “My great sin was trivial, harmless, silly. What’s it like when people are trying to cancel you for a math mistake? Weird, and maddening and painful.”

“But she’s not unique for getting tweets making fun of her,” responds Barrett Wilson. “Every public figure gets that. People who put themselves out there, on tv, in writing, on radio, on twitter, get hate from trolls who want attention and don’t have enough nerve, drive, or talent to express themselves in a constructive way.

Indeed, everyone who finds themselves in the crosshairs of a media spectacle, whether they be black, white, conservative or liberal, can expect to receive a deluge of hateful messages on social media.

The only difference is that people on the left always react to being embarrassed by crying “bullying and harassment,” and the media promptly rushes to their defense. Conservatives don’t enjoy that privilege.

Mara; No matter how many mean messages from racists you receive on Twitter, your math is still terrible.

“If you’re going to go on TV and talk to millions of people about economics, learn to do some super basic math in your head. And if you screw up, and people notice, it’s because it’s obvious, not because they’re racist,” writes Wilson.

Respondents on Twitter weren’t buying Gay’s excuses.


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