Brooklyn voter (and liberal filmmaker) Josh Fox noticed an oddity on a ballot in at least one New York City precinct:

Sanders supporters are in essence being forced to vote for Hillary Clinton delegates.

The New York ballot is unique in that voters first choose between the candidates, then vote for delegates to attend the national convention.

Fox used his computer to show the ballot and the situation Sanders voters are being put in.

On the left side of the Democratic ballot, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are listed. The voter chooses one. No problem.

On the right side of the ballot are a slate of delegates to be sent to the national convention. The voter is to choose 6. The rub? Six Clinton delegate options are listed. Only five are listed for Sanders.

“Vote for any six,” the ballot says, Fox reads off his computer.

“So it sounds like the ballot is telling you to pick — and I’m not kidding you either — to pick a total of six which means you would have to vote, if you follow the instructions, and you wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders, for five Sanders delegates and one Clinton delegate.

“Unless you were to feel like, on the spot in the room, like you were breaking the rules,” Fox says.

“That sounds to me like you’re being forced to vote for one Hillary Clinton delegate if you are a Bernie Sanders voter, which is kind of the equivalent of getting something like 80% of your vote.”

This oddity apparently isn’t exclusive to this precinct.

Fox noted another voting location is able to pick 7 delegates. Seven options are listed for Clinton, while only six are available to Sanders voters.

“It seems that this ballot is telling you to vote for a Clinton delegate,” Fox says.

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