Minutes after taking a panoramic photo with his new iPhone 5s from inside a public park Thursday, a pair of New York City cops drove up to Shawn Randall Thomas and began demanding to know what he was holding in his other hand.

Thomas was holding an e-cigarrette in his left hand, specifically an Innokin MVP with an Aspire Nautilus Tank, which can be purchased for $35 on the internet, but he didn’t feel obliged to inform the officer of the specifics, telling him “that’s my business” as he began recording with the phone from his right hand.

The cop then said, “now it’s mine,” as he stepped out of his car and swaggered up to Thomas, who has been arrested so many times for photographing or recording cops that he has lost count.

But he has yet to be convicted, his latest court victory less than three months ago for an incident in a subway that went viral involving a rogue cop named Rojas.

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