Adan Salazar
August 25, 2012

Yesterday, Jeffrey Johnson arrived near the Empire State Building to kill his ex co-worker. As a result of Johnson’s actions, 2 people died Friday morning; however, as a result of police actions, an additional 9 were wounded.

Police reportedly fired 14 to 16 rounds at Johnson, apparently missing many times.

Media outlets were quick to label the event a mass shooting, but that was before it was known that most victims were actually shot by police.

Considering the man’s proximity to police, the incident would better have warranted the use of a taser, but then again we know tasers are only reserved for 12-year-old girls, pregnant women, senior citizens in their own homes, and people attending sporting events.

On his weekly WOR radio appearance Friday, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated, “The argument, ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,’ is one of the most disingenuous things you can say. It does take a person to pull the trigger.” Actually Mayor Bloomberg, police and people with poor gun safety education kill people.


Basic gun safety dictates you should never point a firearm at something that is not safe to shoot. When you shoot at a target you need to know what’s behind that target. If you miss, it’s your responsibility to ensure that stray rounds don’t cause unintended injury or damage. Will these officers take responsibility for their stray rounds?

Another gun safety rule is never to shoot at water or a hard surface. Doing so increases the likelihood of ricochets or fragmentation of the bullet which can strike unintended targets. A video report by NBC New York states bystanders were wounded when police’s stray bullets ricocheted off heavy-duty pots. This demonstrates the NYPD’s apparent lack of fundamental gun safety knowledge.

These are rudimentary firearm safety rules, and the first rules taught at any gun safety course. They’re rules you would think cops would be required to know and implement.

Instead of focusing on disarming his citizens, the mayor , more importantly, should focus on making sure his officers know fundamental gun safety.

Police commissioner Ray Kelly would have us believe Johnson fired at officers before he was gunned down, but according to CBS, authorities say ballistics tests don’t back that up.

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