In case you thought tales of the NYPD couldn’t get any worse, here comes the story of Jose LaSalle.

Exactly one month ago, LaSalle, 44, was recording NYPD officers to protect against police abuse, when he himself became the target of police abuse. Oh, the irony. The painful, humiliating irony, as cops grabbed LaSalle’s camera, threw him against a fence, handcuffed him, strip-searched him, and charged him with “jaywalking.”

LaSalle, who runs the watchdog group Copwatch Patrol Unit, approached three uniformed officers while recording with his camera phone, and asked for their badge numbers, citing the section of the NYPD patrol guide requiring them to provide their badge numbers.

Rather than follow the law, the officers demanded LaSalle’s identification, an order which requires reasonable suspicion of a crime. When LaSalle asked what he had done wrong and why they needed his ID, the cops threw him a beating.

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