April 16, 2008

As should be expected, the NYPD is using the papal visit as an excuse to impose police state measures. From the WCBS TV website:

“Mind if we check the train?” That’s the question NYPD officers will be asking hundreds of train conductors when the pope arrives in NYC on Friday morning.

Over the course of the pontiff’s three-day visit, the NYPD will have round-the-clock coverage of high-profile MTA stops starting as soon as the pope arrives in the city. Officers will take a peek inside every train that comes through the station.

“It’s probably necessary,” one passenger said. “The pope is a big worldly figure so he needs that kind of security.”

With hundreds of thousands of people expected to flock to the pope’s motorcade route through Manhattan on Friday and pack Yankee Stadium for his mass on Sunday, police expect the subway to be extremely busy. The NYPD’s presence, cops say, is all about letting the public know they are around. Police are hoping commuters will stay vigilante.

Translation: the NYPD’s presence will remind the people of New York they live in a police state. Now please move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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