A fact checker for The New York Times deleted tweets from the past ten years in which she insulted gays, Asians and white people.

Gina Chérélus, who ironically just one day earlier retweeted a story about Shane Gillis being fired from SNL over supposedly offensive remarks, announced Tuesday night she had “deleted offensive tweets from when I was in college nearly a decade ago.”

“I am truly sorry,” she added.

Of course, internet researchers went to work unearthing the deleted tweets, and found some in which she used various racial and gay slurs.

NewsMax’s John Cardillo uncovered deleted tweets from 2011 and 2012 where Chérélus referred to lesbians as “dykes,” and “Atl niggas” as “queers.” She also referred to gays as “faggots” in another tweet.

Chérélus also had quite a bit to say about white people and Asian nail salon workers after one “crazy asian lady stabbed” her during a pedicure.

Following Cardillo’s discovery of the tweets, son of US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., asked when the paper was going to address the rampant bigotry exemplified by its employees behavior on social media.

Chérélus’ controversy is reminiscent of the uproar last year surrounding The New York Times’ hire of Verge editor Sarah Jeong, whose Twitter timeline was littered with vicious anti-white tweets which she and The Times later had to apologize for.

Breitbart notes another NYT editor, Tom Write-Piersanti, also had problematic tweets.

“Breitbart News revealed in August that Times political editor Tom Wright-Piersanti has a years-long history of antisemitic and racist comments on Twitter,” wrote David Ng.

It remains to be seen whether The Times will issue a statement concerning Chérélus’ tweets.

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