The New York Times presents a Florida poll today that has author Nate Cohen trying desperately to frame hope for Hillary Clinton where no hope exists.

Overall the poll presentation shows Donald Trump with a 4 point advantage.  However, the real story, reflecting the full scope of what’s happening, is marginally buried in the poll internals:

… [ Trump’s ] so strong that Mrs. Clinton has just 55 percent of the vote among white registered Democrats without a degree, compared with Mr. Trump’s 32 percent.

Yes, that is correct.  Donald Trump is winning 32% of the largest Florida Democrat constituency, registered white Democrats without a college degree.

But wait, it gets better:

…[…]  Mrs. Clinton had a lead of 41 percent to 33 percent among Cuban voters, with a huge number undecided or supporting a minor-party candidate. Now Mr. Trump leads, 52 percent vs. 42 percent. (link)

Yes, that is correct.  Donald Trump is leading 52/42 with Cuban Americans in Florida.  A 10 point advantage.  Remember what we have always said about the “Patrone” cultural aspect in Florida?

There it is…. Clear as day.

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Forget the “then” and “now” aspect to Nate Cohen’s protestations, that is purely face-saving nonsense.   Florida is in solidly in Trump’s column, and has been since day #1 of  his candidacy platform announcement.


The current problem for Team Clinton is how to pull out of Florida without putting too much sunlight on the ruse the media has worked so hard to retain on their behalf.  The size of the Florida margin will be a 7 to 10 point victory for Donald Trump.

It will not be close folks.  This election won’t even be close:

Republican voter turnout projected 2

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