We should only believe accusations of rape vetted by qualified liberals.

So goes Michelle Goldberg’s patently absurd logic in a recent column for The New York Times. To get there, she’s forced to dismiss a dominant liberal dogma: the “absolute” that every woman deserves to be believed. Her very next step institutes a new dogma: only women who liberals believe deserve unqualified belief.

(Never mind the litany of liberally vetted women — from the Duke lacrosse accuser to Mattress Girl to Rolling Stone’s “Jackie” — whose testimonies turned out to be extremely dubious or outright false.)

Goldberg is working out a Bill Clinton problem she and many liberals have on their hands now that the mantra to “believe women” is actually toppling men, some we might like. Is there a way to celebrate and affirm the downfall of Roy Moore and others based solely on the testimonies of multiple women, while continuing to dismiss the testimonies of Clinton’s accusers?

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