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April 30, 2008

It’s no surprise that the war in Iraq is not the most popular cause with some groups, and the protest group Waihopai Anzac Ploughshares can be counted among those. Ploughshares has claimed responsibility for the security breach at one of New Zealand’s most sensitive security installations, reports The group claims the base is part of the U.S. spy network.

According to the International Herald Tribune, three men have been arrested for cutting the inflatable cover on a satellite dish, causing damage estimated at more that one million New Zealand dollars (US $776,000). Government Communications Security Bureau chief Bruce Ferguson admits that security alarms failed and monitoring cameras were effected by fog.

The New Zealand Herald says Samuel Peter Frederick Land, Adrian James Leason and Peter Reginald Leo Murnane could face up to 10 years in jail if charged with sabotage under the Crimes Act.

Ferguson points out that the government is “not allowed to listen to, or intercept New Zealanders or New Zealand residents.” This seems to be in direct contrast to the battle being waged in the U.S., where Republicans are pushing for immunity for telecoms that participated in government wiretapping.

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