The New Zealand massacre highlights a glaring double standard in how the mainstream media treats religious attacks worldwide.

The tragic murder of 49 people, most if not all of whom were Muslim, by a gunman draws similarities to the 2017 Palm Sunday massacre in which two ISIS suicide bombers killed nearly 50 Christians in Egypt in two separate attacks, much like how the two mosques were targeted in Thursday’s attack.

Additionally, there’s been a spate of culturally- and religiously-motivated attacks over the past several years, such as the 2015’s Charlie Hebdo shooting, the Bataclan’s theater massacre and the 2016’s Berlin Christmas market “truck attack” to name a few.

And the mainstream media reported on all these instances, but not quite with the zeal they’re displaying in the coverage of the New Zealand massacre.

Case in point, CNN host John Berman actually asked if President Trump’s “language” is to blame for the New Zealand massacre. Did CNN ask such questions in response to the Palm Sunday massacre? Likely not.

Why not cover all of these attacks with the same level of seriousness and fervor as they deserve? It shouldn’t matter whether the victims were Christians or Muslims because they’re still victims of heinous crimes.

In 2016, London Mayor Sadiq Khan fueled a firestorm when he claimed terror attacks by Islamic extremists were “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

But you’re not hearing any such rhetoric pushed by the mainstream media in regards with the New Zealand massacre, not that you should’ve with Khan’s statement to begin with.

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