Obama’s United Nations ambassador, Samantha Power, spelled out the United States position on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 – it was an evil act perpetuated by separatists in Ukraine and their enablers, the Russians.

Obama followed the Power speech by stating Ukrainian separatists are “heavily armed and trained because of Russian support,” according to a report filed by the Associated Press.

Power leveled the Obama administration’s accusation despite the fact an investigation has yet to begin. In order to shape the outcome of any investigation, the United States has packed a delegation with government officials from the National Transportation Safety Board, the FAA and the FBI.

Late Thursday the White House demanded an “immediate ceasefire” so there can “be a full, credible, and unimpeded international investigation as quickly as possible.” The demand issued by White House press secretary Josh Earnest did not take into account the fact an existing ceasefire was terminated by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko who said the regime in Kyiv is not interested in “renewing the ceasefire” and the military campaign is “our response to terrorists, rebels, looters” and those opposed to the coup regime.

“The context for yesterday’s horror is clear,” Power insisted, “separatist forces – backed by the Russian government – continue to destabilize Ukraine and undermine the efforts of Ukraine’s elected leaders to build a democratic Ukraine that is stable, unified, secure, and able to determine its own future.”

Is Ukraine Democratic?

The current regime in Kyiv came to power through a violent putsch, not a democratic election. Its vanguard consisted of extreme nationalists and fascists, most notably from Right Sector. Many were placed in top government posts following the coup that toppled the democratically elected leader of the country.

“Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington,” Michel Chossudovsky wrote in March. The hyper-nationalist Svoboda and Right Sector represent “the two main Neo-Nazi entities [that] have been entrusted with key positions which grant them de facto control over the Armed Forces, Police, Justice and National Security,” explains Chossudovsky. These fascist elements are now involved in military operations in the eastern part of the country – including massacres, murdering civilians, and ethnic cleansing – in a brutal attempt to eliminate opposition to the coup regime. The murderous character of this effort is distorted and ignored by the corporatist media in the West.

Petro Poroshenko, elected by middling turnout in the western part of the country, served as the head of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine. He was photographed in Munich during the State Department orchestrated Maidan putsch along with Vitali Klitscho and banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk shaking hands with Secretary of State John Kerry.

He worked with Kerry’s predecessor, Hillary Clinton, to “reestablish the work of mission of IMF to Ukraine” and “undertake the certain steps to demonstrate the openness and the effectiveness in cooperation with IMF,” according to a State Department transcript of his remarks dated December 9, 2009.

Ukraine is another neoliberal outpost in Eastern Europe. It is geostrategically important due to its long border with Russia. It will continue to serve as a staging ground for provocations aimed at the Russian Federation, the main player in the BRICS effort to break away from the financial grasp of the bankster class on Wall Street and the City of London.

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